In the Yukon and Oklahoma City area, many homes and businesses get their water from a well system instead of a municipal water supply. If you need any parts of your water well repaired or replaced, Bailey Brothers is an experienced well system contractor. Our technicians have the expertise to quickly diagnose and correct the problem, so you’ll have water when you need it.

Water Well System Repairs

If you’re experiencing low or no water pressure, the well pump runs too often, the water looks dirty or has a funny smell, wiring is damaged, water comes out in bursts, or your well tank is leaking, it can be difficult to determine the exact cause. A well system has several parts that all work together to get water from underground into your building. Often, things like a blocked filter, stuck or broken pressure gauge, or a broken wire can create issues with several components. We’ll check all parts of your water well system to make sure the problem is fixed right the first time.

Well Pump

Many problems you notice will your water could be related to the pump. This is the part of the system that actually draws water up out of the well. There’s usually an electric motor that operates the pump, but there are also solar and air-powered versions. There are different types and capacities, but in the Oklahoma City area, most pumps will be located in the well itself. This makes repairs difficult, which is why it’s best to call a well system contractor like Bailey Brothers for professional servicing or replacement.

Well pressure tank

This tank has air in it to create the pressure to push the well water into your home’s pipes. If your pump runs every time you turn on a faucet or flush a toilet, or you’re not getting enough water pressure in your house, this could be the culprit. The air bladder could be ruptured, or in some models there’s an air volume control that needs to be replaced. You may even need a larger tank to meet your building’s water demands. If you notice water leaking from the pressure tank, that’s also an indication that it needs to be repaired or replaced. Leaving these issues unchecked can create problems with your well pump pressure switch and the control box.

Well pump pressure switch

The well tank includes a pressure gauge, and when the pressure inside the tank gets too low, this switch turns on the well pump. If you notice a lot of noise or clicking coming from the switch, it needs to be fixed or replaced before it causes damage to your pump or the control box.

Well pump control box

This important component is like a brain for your well system. The control box regulates the pressure, flow, and level of the water coming from your well. It determines when and for how long the pump should run, and activates the pressure switch to turn the pump on and off. If the pump won’t turn on or off, or if it runs too often, this could be the source of the problem.

Residential Well Diagram

Water Well System Replacement

We can replace any or all parts of your well system, if needed: water well pump, well pressure tank, pump pressure switch, and well pump control box.

Replacing a well pump can be dangerous – this is not a task to attempt on your own.

It may require special equipment, and the pumps are very heavy. If a well pump is dropped down into the well, it’s harder to get the old one out so the new one can be installed. Our experienced technicians have the tools and expertise to replace your pump safely and quickly. The type of pump you select will depend on how much water your home or business uses, and how deep the water table is in your area. Bailey Brothers has been servicing and replacing well pumps in the Oklahoma City area for years. We’ll help you choose the right pump for your needs, whether it’s a shallow pump, deep pump, centrifugal pump, or submersible pump.