Replacing or repairing the pipes that provide sewer, water and gas service to your home is not a DIY task. Improper installation of a sewer, water, or gas line can cause serious problems. In Yukon and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Bailey Brothers has been a trusted resource for these types of repairs since 1973. Our technicians are experienced, and will pull the necessary permits for your city.

Sewer Line Replacement

If your sewer line gets backed up, of course Bailey Brothers plumbing technicians can perform a sewer line cleaning. But if you’re constantly experiencing sewer problems from tree roots or damage, you may need to have the sewer line replaced. Our professional team can evaluate and inspect your existing line to tell you if this is necessary. If it is, don’t worry. Today’s technology allows for trenchless sewer line replacement. This means we can replace the pipe all the way from your home to the main City sewer line, with very little impact to your yard.

Water Line Replacement

The main pipe that supplies water from the meter to your house can become damaged by the ground freezing and thawing. Ground movement, like from earthquakes or a house settling, can also cause breakage and cracks. When any of these things happen, your main water line needs to be replaced. Even if the pipe isn’t damaged, you many need a bigger water supply line to meet the demands of your home. If you’ve recently added on to your house, especially an extra bathroom, or if you live in an older home, you may find that you’re not getting an adequate amount of water. No matter the reason, the professional technicians at Bailey Brothers Plumbing can help.

Gas Line Replacement

You may not be aware, but the gas line that runs from your home to the main line or street is your responsibility. A gas line failure or leak can be extremely dangerous, even if it occurs outside. Repairs should not be attempted until the gas company has ensured the property is safe. A licensed professional, like the technicians at Bailey Brothers Plumbing, will make sure your new gas line is installed correctly.

We can also install a new gas line for a dryer, stove, furnace, fireplace, or other item that runs on propane or natural gas. Our team is familiar with city code requirements and will pull the needed permits for the Yukon and Oklahoma City areas. We’ll choose the correct size of gas line for your home’s needs, and make sure the proper connections and components are used. You can trust Bailey Brothers to quickly and safely repair or replace your gas line.