Low Water Pressure Issues

November 25, 2015

Is the water coming out of your kitchen faucet down to a trickle? Does it take twice as long to fill your bathtub as it used to? Whether you’re dealing with low water pressure in one fixture or your whole house or building, trust Bailey Brothers to find and fix the problem.

Low Water Pressure from One Faucet

If only one faucet in your home or office runs slow, the problem is usually mineral deposits or sediment build-up inside. The most common places for debris to collect are the aerator and the valve cartridge. The other possibility is a clog in the supply line to that faucet. No matter the cause, Bailey Brothers can quickly troubleshoot and fix low pressure in your faucet or shower head. If the pressure is only low when you turn on the hot water, the problem could be with your water heater’s shut-off valve or supply lines.

Water Dripping from Faucet

Low Water Pressure in Entire Home or Building

If your area is prone to low pressure, we can install a water pressure booster to increase the pressure from the municipal supply line to your home or office. If low pressure isn’t an issue in your area, your home may have a water pressure reducing valve that needs to be adjusted. These valves limit the force of the water coming into your home from the main water supply line. Bailey Brothers can check for the valve, and adjust it if you have one. Other possible causes of low water pressure in the whole house include a main shut-off valve that’s not fully open, a leak in the main supply line, or build-up and deposits in your pipes. If it’s below freezing outside and you have water lines in unheated areas of your home, you pipes could also be frozen. No matter the cause of your home’s low pressure, a Bailey Brothers technician will locate the problem and fix it right.